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Ultra Selected Lemon Wood Duck

- 6 Ultra Selected Feathers
- Medium & Large Size

Ref.: 54-LMWDK

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6.90 €

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The Lemon Wood Duck flanks, also called Carolina Wood Duck or Summer Duck, are among the most sought and useful feathers, used for both dry flies or wet flies and even on streamers. Some classic salmon flies include in their recipe the strips of this beautiful waterfowl.

But it is on the wings of Catskills style dry flies that these feathers found their best use. Definitely a required feather for the serious Catskill fly tier, indispensable for the reproduction of Quill Gordon, Red Quills, Hendrickson, Cahill, or March Browns, among the others. Available in bags of 6 feathers mixed medium and large size. Limited availability.

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