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Martie's Coloured Chamois Selection

- 9 Colours Selection
- Cold Dyed

Ref.: 54-CHM-SLC

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35.00 €

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Martie's Coloured Chamois Ultimate Selection is the top notch magic hair to tie flies following the fly tying Italian style, originated by Francesco Palù many years ago. In recent times, the use of chamois fur in fly tying has been spread by Martie Van Den Brandt, now followed by an increasing number of tiers worldwide. Gifted by long hollow and thin hairs, chamois fur guarantees a superb buoyancy. Martie's Coloured Chamois Ultimate Selection is the ideal fly tying material to create sedge, skating sedge, Stoneflies, terrestrials, wings in general.

Optimal for small and big flies, to be used in fast waters, who need a high level of buoyancy. Fantastic results con be obtained if combined with CDC Super Select and hare fur. Available also in single patch Martie's Natural Chamois and Martie's Coloured Chamois, 9 unique colours created and cold dyed by Martie Van Den Brandt, in Holland. The way Martie Van Den Brandt treats and dye his fur is unique and preserve the qualities of the fibres. Both the fur and the patch skin soft and natural. The colours are vivid, sharp and deep and they will allow you to be used as single tone or mixed to create unique flies. 

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