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C&F Trout Guide Box 8 Medium/8 Small

- Highly Waterproof Water-Resistant
- With Universal System
- 2 System Foam M Streamers
- 2 System Foam M Attractor
- 2 System Foam M Standard
- 2 System Foam M Midge
- 2 System Foam S Streamers
- 2 System Foam S Attractor
- 2 System Foam S Standard
- 2 System Foam S Midge
- Heavy Duty

Ref.: 1200402

249.90 € 249.9 EUR

249.90 €

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Although a boat box has become indispensable for drift boat fishing, the problems caused by storing all the flies you have in a large box are serious.
Fishing when you get off the boat, unexplored fishing spots where you walk on the trail, how can you transfer small flies stuck in a boat box to a portable fly box one by one?
C&F DESIGN’s boat box is the only system that can quickly and easily solve such a “hook problem”.

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