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Trout Chaser's Journal

- Author Tully Stroud
- Publisher Chronicle Books
- Year 1986
- First Edition
- Fine Condition
- Hardcover with Dust Wrapper
- Many Colour Pictures
- Language English
- Size cm 24 x 16
- ISBN 0877014043

Ref.: 0877014043

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Trout Chaser's Journal by Tully Stroud tells stories of angling and anglers. After the last cast is made and darkness forces us to retreat to the fire, the sport continues. More fish are hooked and lost over the beers and card games than are ever encountered in the streams.

Not because trout fisherman are liars, in fact they merely have distorted recollections of what probably began as the truth, but because every strike is relived and every pool is refished until reality fades and the imagination runs amuck. It is this pastime which otherwise normal adults pursue with a zeal approaching insanity, that we dedicate this work.

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