How to Make Bamboo Fly Rods

- Author George W. Barnes
- Publisher Winchester Press
- Year 1977
- First Edition
- Excellent Condition
- Hardcover with Dust Wrapper
- b/w Photographs and Illustration
- Language English
- Pages 110
- Size cm 19x26

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There are few thrills that can match that of hooking, playing, and landing a feisty trout or salmon on a bamboo fly rod that you have made yourself. Even sportsman whose collections include rods made by recognised masters of the craft, once they have made their own almost invariably prefer to fish with that one. Pride of craftsmanship is certainly part of it; so is the memory of the time and energy that went into making that rod just exactly the way you want it, tailoring it to your specifications and idiosyncrasies, building it for your type of fishing.

And a contrary to most expectations, crafting a bamboo rod is really not all that difficult. Anyone who can tie a credible Fanwing Coachman or a Muddler Minnow should have little difficulty with a bamboo rod. Certainly, you won't rival a Hiram Leonard or a Pinky Gillum on your first try, or maybe ever, but given some basic woodworking skills and knowledge of simple tools, you'll have little trouble building a rod far superior to any that can be obtained from today's commercial sources.

For anyone who wants to take a piece of bamboo and transform it into a delicate, supple, responsive fly rod, this book will tell them how. From obtaining the bamboo to the tools and equipment needed to do the work, here is the complete, step by step description of how to proceed. Here are simple instructions on everything including splitting and handling cane, shaping individual cane strips into rod blanks, final finishing, installation of ferrules and reel seats, varnishing and winding of snake guides, keepers and ferrules, as well as helpful hints and suggestions on the entire process stemming from the author's experience building the rods that he and his friends enjoy fishing with. Drawing and photographs depict graphically all the steps involved. How to Make Bamboo Fly Rods by George W. Barnes is the book that will permit every fisherman with a bent for woodworking to build the fly rod of his dreams.

George W. Barnes is a New Englander with family ties to Harpswell, Maine, going back to the mid-1700s, George Barnes travels frequently, usually in his capacity as Presidente and General Manager of the consulting engineering firm of Wright, Pierce, Barnes and Wyman. When he takes fishing trips, he prefers northern Maine's St. John River, which he considers an excellent proving ground for completed rods. So far he has tested a number of built-from-scratch bamboo rods on that river and hopes to make and test a good many more.