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The Complete Brown Trout

- Author Cecil E. Heacox
- Publisher Winchester Press
- Year 1974
- First Edition
- Inscribed and Signed by the Author
- Excellent Condition
- Hardback with Dust Wrapper
- b/w and Colour Illustration
- Language English
- Pages 182
- Size cm 26 x 19
- ISBN 0876911297

Ref.: 0876911297

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The Complete Brown Trout of Cecil E. Heacox is the first comprehensive, in-depth study of the brown trout, Salmo Trutta: its origin, distribution, anatomy, life history, diet; the methods used to manage and propagate it; and the tactics and tackle that have been developed to fish for it.

The story is truly fascinating. Long the classic game fish of Europe and the chalk-streams of England, the brown trout was introduced to North America in 1883. It caused a revolution in fishing tackle and stream angling techniques, for it was so much wilier than native trout that is shamed its early pursuers. In fact, for some years, American fishermen considered the brown inferior to the rainbow, brook, and other natives, clearly a case of sour grapes, for as the better and more honest anglers began to understand the brown trout and recognise the peerless opportunities it offers, it climbed steadily in reputation to its present eminence. One of the most adaptable of all freshwater game fish, it now flourishes from coast to coast, a tribute to successful management and, of course, to fish itself.

The Complete Brown Trout of Cecil E. Heacox was written for the dedicated angler who realises that the more he knows about a fish the more he will enjoy angling for it, for the professional fisheries worker, and for all nature oriented  people who are interested in a wild creature that has not only survived but continues to thrive in a deteriorating environment. It is the memoir of a scientist angler, both a conscientious exposition of the natural history of the brown trout, and a personal statement by a consummate fly fisher with a lifetime of experience to share, a delightful enthusiasm for his subject, and a rare gift of expression.

Warmly inscribed and signed by the Author on the title page.

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