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Byron Dalrymple on Trout Fishing

- Author Byron W. Dalrymple
- Publisher Winchester Press
- Year 1991
- First Edition
- Excellent Condition
- Hardcover with Dust Wrapper
- b/w Illustration
- Language English
- Pages 189
- Size cm 24 x 16
- ISBN 0832904600

Ref.: 0832904600

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Byron Dalrymple Byron Dalrymple has fished over 300 trout streams that range from New Mexico to Alberta and British Columbia, from Maine to Washington, Oregon and California. He's written this book Trout Fishing to share his experiences with fellow anglers. His advice comes across beautifully throughout the book, that is, there will be exasperating, empty creel days. Every gamefish species furnishes these. Trout have no monopoly.

Perhaps the most important rule of this grand sport is to let neither the convoluted literature nor the fish intimidate you, and you will not only fish for trout, but you will catch them with surprising regularity. Throughout the book, the author makes it seem so easy to catch trout. In fact, he tells us that trout are not particularly intelligent and although they certainly are sometimes extremely selective, chiefly because of the crystal habitats in which they reside, they are not really difficult to catch. That part of the lore which claims they are is pure myth.

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