Fly Tying International Guide

- Author Taff Price
- Publisher Exeter Books
- Year 1986
- First Edition
- Fine Condition
- Hardcover with Dust Wrapper
- Hundreds of Colour Illustration
- Language English
- Pages 160
- Size cm 26 x 20
- ISBN 0671083473

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The world of the artificial fly is a colourful and absorbing aspect of the gentle art of fly fishing. The creation, with simple materials such as a pinch of fur and a feather or two, of an artefact that can outwit nature by fooling a trout or salmon, holds a fascination for many fishermen. Over 400 patterns, each illustrated in color, form all parts of the world from America to Australia, are given here. The selection balances well-known, popular patterns with those that are less familiar but equally effective in the right conditions; and classic, traditional patterns with new ones that use the latest modern materials.

The trout patterns include the Wulff series, Rat-faced McDougal, Grizzly King and Elk Hair Caddis. From the UK there are the classic dry flies such as Greenwell's Glory and Lunn's Particular, and wet flies such as Partridge and Orange and the Butcher. Among the nymph, Wonder Bug and Sawyer's Pheasant Tail; and lures include the Thunder Creek Fin, Arctic Shrimp and Bobine Special. In addition, there are patterns from Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Yugoslavia, Australia, New Zeland and South Africa.

Taff Price is a fly tier of International renown. He is Vice President of the Fly Dressers Guild in the UK and President of the English Disabled Fly Fishers. He gives talks to fishing clubs, contributes regularly to the fishing magazines, and has had several previous books published. Fly Tying International Guide by Taff Price features an introduction by George Thompson, and include a brief chapter regarding the legendary spiders designed by Walter Bartellini of Torino, Italy.

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