The Way of the Trout

- Author Monty R. Montgomery
- Publisher Alfred A. Knopf
- Year 1991
- First Edition
- Excellent Condition
- Hard Cover with Dust Wrapper
- b/w Line Drawings
- Language English
- Pages 270
- Size cm 22 x 15
- ISBN 9788889468166

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In The Way Of The Trout, Monty R. Montgomery gives us a wry, luminous and thoroughly modern account of the principles of fly fishing, and of the way trout live and anglers fish today in the threatened streams and rivers of North America. He writes with exceptional grace about that rarest landscape on earth, trout country, and about how anglers learn to meet with fish on the fragile border between their separate worlds, the sunlit surface of moving water, where artificial flies tied on treacherous hooks float above the rising fish.

From Vermont's Battenkill to the Bitterroot and Blackfoot rivers of Montana and beyond, Montgomert unlocks the mysteries of running water as he delights us with witty anecdotes of fly fishing in Great Britain and North America. He brings to life, as well, the intriguing history of this noble and contemplative sport, for he knows that we like historically of this noble and contemplative sport, for he knows that we live historically downstream from a host of wise and devious fly fishers who have much to teach us.

Most unusually he provides a wealth of up to date ecological information translated for the general reader, since an understanding of the biology of trout is vital not only to fish them but to keep them in our rivers. For seasoned angler and for those just getting their feet wet, Montgomery's memoir is a merry, learned and useful guide to the way of the trout.

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