Advanced Fly Fishing Techniques

- Author Lefty Kreh
- Publisher Delacorte Press
- Year 1992
- First Edition
- Excellent Condition
- Hardcover with Dust Wrapper
- b/w Illustration
- Language English
- Pages 342
- Size cm 25 x 17
- ISBN 0385299419

Ref.: 0385299419

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Once you are hooked by th love of fly fishing, there is little chance that you will remain a part time angler. The challenge of the sport, the thrill of outwitting the foe, the trial and error of technique, all serve to make an enthusiast out of the most inexperienced beginner. And pretty soon you will wanto to know the secrets of the top fishermen to give you an edge on the stream.

In this practical, beautifully illustrated guide Advanced Fly Fishing Techniques, renowned fisherman Lefty Kreh imparts his expertise on advanced fly fishing techniques. Like private instruction from a master angler, this book offers the methods of fly fishing that can make you a better, more effective fisherman.

Included in Lefty Kreh's book are new techniques in fly casting, complete with instructive step by step illustrations. Advice on reading trout streams, with photographs and line drawings, will help you understand the behaviour of fish, whether they are hiding, eating, or at rest. There is advice on hooking, fighting, landing, and releasing fish, with detailed drawings explaining exactly what you need to know. There are also chapters on approach and presentation, knots, and tackle ho to choose the right fly, which line to select, which rod and reel to use and a section on special techniques for different types of fish.

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