Next Day Dispatch

Shipping costs and times vary depending on the location of the customer and the method used. Packages are usually dispatched the working day following receipt of payment and sent by currier UPS or GLS at the Customer's choice. In extraordinary cases, upon Customer's request, it is possible to add insurance or use different curriers with the Assigned Port formula. The insurance entails an additional cost proportionate to the value of the goods, therefore it is essential to make a specific request before concluding the order.

Shipping costs include packaging and process management. The packaging costs are fixed, while the transport costs vary based on the total weight of the shipment and the place of destination. We therefore recommend grouping the desired items in a single order. We cannot group two separate orders executed separately, the relative shipping costs will be applied to each one. Packages will be sent under the responsibility of the Customer.

In the case of international orders, a duty may be applied by the local customs office. Customs or tax expenses, as well as import duties, are charged when the package reaches the destination country and are charged to the recipient. These costs are not predictable from 54 Dean Street S.n.c. and may vary from country to country based on current legislation. For more information, we recommend contacting the customs authorities of the destination country.

Occasionally and exceptionally, it may happen that the shipping costs applied by the Website do not cover the real costs for shipping the product, and therefore 54 Dean Street S.n.c. may request an additional contribution. The reasons may be different: the product is particularly heavy and consequently the most expensive shipment, or the product is of great value and 54 Dean Street S.n.c. considers it necessary to adopt a shipping method with greater protection and guarantee for the Customer. Any additional costs are subject to approval by the Customer. In this case 54 Dean Street S.n.c. will send an e-mail notification. The Customer can accept or refuse the additional costs. If additional shipping costs are accepted, the order will be processed and the Customer will be charged for the total value of the order (item price, shipping costs and accepted additional costs). If additional shipping costs will be rejected, 54 Dean Street S.n.c. will inform the Customer about the cancellation of the order, without any cost or charge for the Customer.

Free delivery for orders starting from € 100 shipping to Italy. Free delivery for orders starting from € 200 shipping to selected countries of the European Union. The selected EU countries are: France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia.