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54 Dean Street's Fishing Travels

Many different destinations, Freshwater & Saltwater.

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If you are dreaming of a holiday in the wonderful atolls of the Maldives Islands, fly fishing or spinning for Giant Trevally (known as GT), various species of trevallies (including Bluefin and Golden), Triggerfish in the coral reefs and other predators, and mostly with a very cheap rate, this is your place!

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This trip will take you to Argentina, in a mountainous area of ​​the Neuquen province very close to the border with Chile, in the far north of Patagonia. You will have the opportunity to fish Rainbow trout (Arcoìris), Brown trout (Marròn) and the native trout called “Criolla” or Perca.

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This journey will take you to faraway and very little frequented wilderness, once dominated by Genghis Kahn. Our organization has an on-site contact person who has been operating for many years and is an expert on several rivers inhabited by the mythical Hucho Taimen, Lenok and Amur trout, Grayling and many other sporting fish.