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From the Rod to the Fly

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Cortland MKII Nymph Rods

Top of the range and highly technical rods especially designed for Euro Nymph fishing action. Worldwide appreciated for their quality and performance they are now the reference point for modern nymphing techniques

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Cortland Nymph Rods

A complete selection of 10’6” nymph rods for 2, 3 and 4 weight lines which are combining the usual Cortland quality and a great price level. Very sensitive and super responsive

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Cortland Reels

Mid-arbor disc drag fly reel with stealth black finish to reduce glare on the water. A perfect match on competition nymph rods and lake rods. Smooth drag system with low start up inertia to protect thin tippets

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Cortland Nymph Competition Lines

Euro nymph lines built with a strong, sensitive mono core or braid core, enabling superior strike detection while reducing line sag between guides

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Cortland Euro Nymph Leader

Memory free, super-slick finish, camouflage colored nylon perfect for making nymph leader

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Cortland Ultra Premium Tippet

The best fluorocarbon in the fly-fishing market. Period

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Indicator Mono Tri-Color

With a complete range of thickness this highly visible indicator monofilament is perfect in low and bright light conditions with its chartreuse and fluoro pink sections divided by black portions

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Indicator Mono Bi-Color

Red-yellow bicolor indicator monofilament for euro nymphing rigs

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Indicator Mono

Euro nymph indicator monofilament available in white or yellow color and in different thickness to match your nymphing technique


These rods are fantastic, the best component on the market, a very precise and sensitive action, great backbone power and the capacity to manage every kind of trophy fish. The collection is well refined and with a very distinctive look dressed in its custom shape handles and “logo" fighting butt. Modern appeal for a modern way to live your passion!

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Adams Max Evo Euro Nymph Rod

The Adams MAX Evo Euro Nymph Rod is the evolution of the famous MAX Rod Series and just as its predecessor, and even more than ever before, this Fly rod will suit perfectly all needs required by modern nymphing techniques.

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Adams Max Black Euro Nymph Rod

The Adams Rods MAX BLACK fly rod was born and designed to target trophy fish. If your target is to catch fish in size 1 to 6 kg, no matter the species, this is the rod for you.

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Adams XTZ Euro Nymph Rod

The highest quality rod components available on the market for one of the most outstanding euro nymphing rod. Each of the components has been chosen for its special features to contribute the overall performance.


Thomas & Thomas Contact II Series

Contact II blank construction utilizes five different types of premium quality carbon and fiberglass fibers, bound together by our proprietary aerospace resin system. Aligning these fibers at strategic angles as we roll Contact II blanks improves accuracy, sensitivity, and strength. Components have been carefully selected to maximize performance and comfort.

A Punchy Headline

HotFly Euro Fly Pro Reel

With the Fly Reel HotFly Euro Fly Pro # 0/1, HotFly Superb brings an absolutely high-quality and powerful large arbor fly reel onto the market, which will find many enthusiastic users due to its excellent features. An absolute special feature and ingenious highlight of this unique fly reel are the two available interchangeable spools, which differ by distinct inner diameters and thus different line capacities. This means that with just one fly reel you can confidently cover the entire range of applications from the thinnest monofilament lines or ultra-thin fly lines for European Nymph to classic fly fishing with fly lines of line class WF5 including backing.

- Ultra Large Arbor Spool For Line Classes # 0/1
- External Diameter 98mm
- Anodized Aluminium 6061-t6
- Suitable For Right- And Left-hand Operation
- Closed Reel Cage (Full Frame)
- Designed In Italy