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Gerhard Laible - Una Svolta nell'Uso del CDC

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Who We Are

There were two shops from bygone days that fed our dreams of fishing and flies, the Jim Deren’s Angler’s Roost in New York City and the magic shop of William Blacker at the 54 of Dean Street in London. Both of them were inspiring us, Jim’s wisdom and practicality, William’s quality and perfection. To tell the truth, old Bill inspired us the name of our little shop too.

Even though you’re not walking in New York or London, the idea you’ll find here is the same that inspired those two unique shops. You won’t loose yourself among thousand of products, but you’ll find the right ones, the ones we have chosen and selected for you, the good, trustable ones.

When you enter our little shop you already know what you’ll find, it will be the first step to a small journey.

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