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Tales of feathers, men and rivers

Gerhard Laible - A CDC Revolution

Scala Guido
March 2023 — 1933 views

Kebari (Ke-Hari) 毛鉤

Scala Guido
January 2023 — 1690 views kebari tenkara

Knotted Tapered Leader

Piscione Antonio
January 2023 — 2233 views fly fishing how to Knotted Tapered Leader

Tup's Indispensable Variant (Video)

Calzolari Alberto 54
February 2022 — 1674 views classic fly fly fishing fly tying

Fly Display Boxes

Calzolari Alberto 54
January 2021 — 3649 views

Savinja, the river of fairy tales

Generali Bruno
November 2020 — 9419 views brown trout fly fishing fly fishing destination fly fishing gear greyling hucho slovenia

SBS Red Quill - Art Flick's Fly

Oreglini Umberto
November 2020 — 4637 views

Theodore Gordon

The Mentor

Calzolari Alberto 54
October 2020 — 3591 views

John Atherton, Monet and the Coq de Leòn

Silk threads and flosses, the classic fly tier tools

Brook and River Trouting, Edmonds and Lee

Cortland on the hunt: the home team

Genova Cosmo
February 2020 — 4198 views cortland fly fishing fly fishing gear fly rods history of fly fishing silk fly line

Professional fly tiers of the past

Calzolari Alberto 54
February 2020 — 12618 views catskills classic fly classic fly fishing fly fishing fly tying history of fly fishing

The English chalk streams

The Astorga Manuscript A.D. 1624

Martie Chamois 98

Van Den Brand Martie
February 2020 — 4954 views chamois fly tying fly tying bench natural materials

The North Country Method

Silk fly line myth and reality

Stefano Ferri
November 2019 — 11760 views au ver a soie bamboo rods classic fly fishing silk fly line

Two heads are better than one

Calzolari Alberto 54
October 2019 — 8806 views classic fly classic salmon fly cottarelli fly tying fly tying bench fly tying tools t-rex

Who We Are

There were two shops from bygone days that fed our dreams of fishing and flies, the Jim Deren’s Angler’s Roost in New York City and the magic shop of William Blacker at the 54 of Dean Street in London. Both of them were inspiring us, Jim’s wisdom and practicality, William’s quality and perfection. To tell the truth, old Bill inspired us the name of our little shop too.

Even though you’re not walking in New York or London, the idea you’ll find here is the same that inspired those two unique shops. You won’t loose yourself among thousand of products, but you’ll find the right ones, the ones we have chosen and selected for you, the good, trustable ones.

When you enter our little shop you already know what you’ll find, it will be the first step to a small journey.

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